(H)afrocentric Volume 1, 2, & 3

Volume 3 is here!!!  Follow the four disgruntled undergrads of color, Naima Pepper, her brother Miles Pepper, and their two best friends, Renee Brown and Elizando “El” Ramirez navigate their way through the influx of gentrification’s new coffee shops, muted Prius cars, and hipster appropriation.  As they continue on with their plan to have a block party that raises money for the only online social networking and anti-gentrification website, Mydiaspora.com, they are met with another task.  Reverse the eviction plans for Mrs. Wilderson, the elderly Black woman who has lived in her neighborhood for over 30 years.  Will the block party aid in gentrification or stop it once and for all?  

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Volume 3 is not just a book!  It comes equipped with a mixtape as The Block Party Continues beyond the page....Volume 3 houses a link to an online mixtape full of new music and your favorite (H)afrocentric characters.  Play the mixtape below!








In the comic’s second installment, it’s The Boondocks Huey Freeman meets X-Men’s Professor X as (H)afrocentric heroine Naima Pepper attempts to thwart the growing gentrification in her new neighborhood. Naima and friends, and her reluctant brother, decide to create MYDIASPORA.COM, the first and only anti-gentrification social networking site on earth. Through a series of fundraising events, they manage to lay the groundwork to support their idea, movement and website. But will their efforts be able to stop gentrification in their neighborhood?

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The first volume introduces us to the characters of (H)afrocentric.  Each character represents a political archetype. Naima Pepper, the main protagonist is an outspoken radical Black feminist.  Miles Pepper, her brother, is an apolitical musician, showing hints of apathy and indifference.  El Ramirez, Miles’ best friend, is closely aligned with Chicano nationalism and Renee Aanjay Brown has a political pulse around gender and sexuality but lacks much in the way of racial politics.  Follow this posse of disgruntled undergrads of color as they traverse the conservative Ronald Reagan University.

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