The book trailer for Vol. 4 of (H)afrocentric. (

Written by: Juliana "Jewels" Smith

Illustrated by: Ronald Nelson @ronaldnelson4

Colored by: Mike Hampton

Music: @shammydee Shammy Dee—"Freedom"

For more info: @hafrocentric

In anticipation of the release of (H)afrocentric's Vol 4, meet the illustrator behind the comic, Ronald Nelson.

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Masayoshi Fujita: Tears Of Unicorn
Freddie Joachim: May

Special thank you to Tara Donahue of Medialia Gallery ( in NYC for letting us film in the location.

Directed by: Jordan Sommerlad
Edited by: Juliana "Jewels" Smith

(H)afrocentric: the Comic Vol. 3 | Book Trailer

For more info: @hafrocentric

Music: Freddie Joachim- Day One (remix), The Stuyvesants- Dapper

For more information on (H)afrocentric's Vol. 3 Brooklyn Book Launch and the Living Comic book click below.

(H)afrocentric: the Comic | | @hafrocentric

Filmed by Kemmet Media | | @mayorlow

Soundtrack | Artist, Talia Taylor, Gavin Grant | Song, Catch Me In My Zone & Retrocausayhun | @eyekneeduhname

(H)afrocentric's Juliana "Jewels" Smith was featured in this new Spotify app.  Take a look!!

(H)afrocentric x Black Girls Are From The Future

Book Launch @

Betti Ono Gallery
March 22, 2014
Oakland, CA 

Hosted by: Talia Taylor @eyekneeduhname
Featuring Renina Jarmon @reninawrites & Juliana "Jewels" Smith @hafrocentric
Presented by: My Art My Culture of Betti Ono Gallery
#hafrocentric #blackgirlsarefromthefuture #mamc #bettiono

What Would I Do- Mikos the Gawd @mikosdagawd
Day One- Toro y Moi (Freddie Joachim Remix) @freddiejoachim 
Window Seat-Alcordo @alcordo
SummerBreeze- N.O.A.H. @Noah_Beats
To The Top- Mikos da Gawd @mikosdagawd
TMRW- Abjo @AbJonian

Check out the interview of Juliana "Jewels" Smith with Talia Taylor @eyekneeduhname that went along with the Bad Girl Confidence Magazine @BGConfidence article.

Volume 3 of (H)afrocentric is almost here! The mantra has been and will continue to be...CREATE. Take a look at part of the process for creating Volume 3 with writer Juliana "Jewels" Smith and illustrator Ronald Nelson.

  • (H)afrocentric: the Comic | | @hafrocentric
  • Filmed by Kemmet Media | | @mayorlow
  • Soundtrack | Artist, Gavin Grant | Song, Mali Dakota |


Volume 3 of (H)afrocentric is here! And it takes a COMMUNITY to make this happen.

(H)afrocentric: the Comic | | @hafrocentric
Filmed by Kemmet Media | | @mayorlow

Soundtrack | | @TheStuyvesants | The Stuyvesants, Block Party Season


Behind the Scenes Video | Part of the voiceover session for Vol. 3 (H)afrocentric. | @hafrocentric

Music by AbJo, Sunset Familia (Jam Session Reprise) @AbJonian


(H)afrocentric: the Comic Vol. 3 | Behind the Scenes Video | Voiceover Session for Vol. 3

Blessing the food before we actually got on the mic. Peep this lovely blessing given by Talia Taylor over Hip Hop of course. | @hafrocentric | @eyekneeduhname


Introducing (H)afrocentric: the Comic Vol. 2

C-Proof TV follows writer/creator of (H)afrocentric: the Comic, Juliana "Jewels" Smith, as she brings her comic to Marcus Books, one of the oldest and most prominent African American bookstores on the west coast. @hafrocentric


(H)afrocentric: The Comic. | Vol. I.  Book Signing. | Pop Up Shop.

Photo Shoot. @stayreddy December 2011. Music: Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Gadget Remix) | @hafrocentric