(H)afrocentric Volume 4

While MyDiaspora.com is in full swing, Naima must look for an internship in order to finish her senior project at Ronald Reagan University. As part of her senior internship at RRU, it is imperative that she fulfills her 1,000 hours of internship experience. She debates about whether or not to become a part of the service industry, non-profit industrial complex or work for a rich white man. “Ultimately, we all work for someone rich,” says Naima.

She decides there are very few choices in the matter and sets off to find a simple internship that does not sell her soul or atrophy her revolutionary politics. With the help of a fairy godmother she is able to land a paid internship as a RACIAL TRANSLATOR. But will she be able to get through the internship without being fired for her fiery soapbox moments?  

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